Heirs of the Fallen

Yes! We have no Bananas!
But we do have a cure...

You head back to Falcon’s Hollow with cure components in hand & a pus & blood dripping hobgoblin head, along with gear that you had no way of carrying but lets look past that for now. Within days a cure is made. You get your cut. You spend more days decoding written works & inscribing scrolls. Just long enough for the 15th on the month for when it’s market day. That always come the 1st & the 15th. There is 2 markets; low market – At the main center of Falcon’s Hollow. And High Market – In the perch (The Perch is the gated community that only the rich & powerful have their homes). The only ones allowed to High Market are the rich. But you guys got an invitation to visit High Market. You find the best stuff is at High Market (Magic, Exotic Items, Residuum, Exotic Pets). You meet Tharvin Kreed, the Gavel of the Lumber Consortium & he runs everything in this town. You learn on the other occupants of the Perch.

  • Tharvin Kreed- As above
  • Shavaros Vade – A wizard & a recent addition to the town.
  • Boss Payden “Payday” Teedum – Kreed"s bodyguard
  • Magistrate Vamros Harg – A Halfling & mayor of the town (Have not met yet)
You eventually hear that the brothel in town is trying to recruit some of the newly made orphans, made after the Blackscour Taint killed their parents. You grow angry about this & head to the brothel to tell them to stay away from the kids & a fight breaks out because the boss “Porky” doesn’t scare easy. You have a huge fight and find out that Porky wasn’t the boss after all & that a half orc named Kabrian is the actual owner & he is out of town at the moment. He will want revenge…but you got that on the back burner for now. During Market Day you talk to your contact that knows of Larssa & Bailey’s whereabouts. He tells you;
  • Larssa is being held at Citadel Vraidd near Korvossa in Varisia. It is a Hellknight Citadel. She will be released for 5000gp.
  • Bailey went with Badden to Almas, the capital city of the country your in.
You decide to rob Arath’s Magic Shop, the Sorcerer’s Sundries, for the money you need for Larssa. You arrive & after casing the joint for a while. You see that it is empty & learn it has been for a while. You go to a bar nearby & after learning of “The Baxter Boys” attempt at you decide to go in. You find where the Baxter’s went in & where they dug a hole in the floor & followed up & found them, or at least there bodies. Covered in a sheet of ice. You go for their bodies & summon Ice Elementals & a fight breaks out. You defeat them & find a few trinkets. a little girls body, plus a wand. The Destiny speaker woke up & sniffed out the wand. Ulizmila’s voice can be heard. She tells you to bring the wand to her. You do…after taking your time! You have a vision with the psycomantiuum of Arath killing Badden & a little girl & Bailey running away in fear. You didn’t recognize the girl until you saw the vision as one of Bailey’s friends
Roots & Remedies
  • You travel thru the Darkmoon Woods. First on the trail of the Eldermoss that only grows on the oldest & tallest darkwood tree in the woods. But 1st you are attacked by a monstrosity of a Hobgoblin & his two razorcrows. You deal with him & know that there is a bounty on his head so you indeed take his head…very messy.
  • You arrive at the oldest tree & are almost immediately attacked by a dragon-kin called a “Tatzlewyrm” that almost destroyed your cleric in one attack. But the heroes won that battle with no loss of life. Upon looking for eldermoss you found the beast’s hoard & the body of the missing nobleman & his entourage. (KA-CHING!!!).
  • You then head to the witch Ulizmila’a hut to find Rats Tail. Once you get in the surrounding area of her hut you realize you are not in the Darkmoon Woods anymore. The sky is open instead of being under the canopy of trees the Darkmoon Woods are known for. The sky red, planets & various cosmos can be seen. But you see the hut. The door opens for you. You are attacked by an animate cauldron. It almost kills you but you are victorious. That is when Ulizmila arrives, offers you things for 3 years of Maxilillion’s life. Whether that means actual life or if that means servitude is unclear. But she kissed Max & was immediately morphed into a much younger & hotter woman so Good Going. She knows things about Arath & she offers to help by giving the party an item that can sniff destiny. You leave.
Then the last items, 12 Ironbloom Mushrooms. The dwarven monastery. You arrive and are attacked by wolves. After that you find a body near a well. An obvious spellcaster by the looks of him. An old crow is eating him. His spellbook is missing. The crow tries to scare you away from a certain room of the monastery but you guys said “to hell wit that” & entered anywho. You fought a giant spider & nearly lost but at the end the spider was dead & you weren’t so “Miller Time”! You enter the monastery & fight a wizard & a few of his creations. He has a note from someone named Brother Dust & a journal called "Holy Book of Eternal Folly of a Basically Lighthearted Liar: A Book of Faerie Tales. By: A Basically Lighthearted Liar. There are some notes on slips of paper in the book that you will know later.
  • You fight on. FIGHT ON!!! You find an intelligent worg named Greypelt that is the master of several wolves. They run this place. They offer you 8 Ironbloom Mushrooms if you kill a few Darkmantles in the armory. You guys do. You find a secret room that needd a phrase to open, you find & say the phrase. You find a prison of skeletal dwarves with each an Ironbloom Mushroom inside their skeletal ribcage. You find some treasure & return for the shrooms from Greypelt promised & are betrayed by the worg. You fight, you win. You gather loot…or is it lute…no no bard here, it’s loot. Greypelt when killed turns into a man wearing a magical wolf pelt…you know he screwed the female wolves…sinner.
Escape into the Blackscour Taint
We begin with the heroes barely escaping from Isger as the Hellknights raiding the Essinel Manor (leaving the other crime families alone. Strange because the Hellknights have a semi-stable relationship with the crime families of Isger). As they leave they lose track of Larssa & haven’t seen bailey since she left weeks ago with her brother Badden to Almas in Andoran to the east. The heroes head to a safe house in the logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, in Andoran. In Andoran, at the safe house, they are to meet 2 contacts that they heard of but have never met in person. An Ulfen priest of Gorum & an Ulfen warrior. They are to have information on the whereabouts of Larssa & Bailey, but the only info they had was that they know of someone who has the information & he won’t be in town until a month later when the travelling market comes into town. Meanwhile, the town is suffering from a disease called Blacktaint Scour. The disease is no longer spreading but those already affected are still sick & dying. There is an alchemist named Alexia Ciannor at the Roots & Remedies Apothecary Shop. She offered you 5% of the profit she’ll make on the cure if they whould just get off their asses & get the reagents (I mean damn!). The reagents are as follows.
  • Eldermoss that only grows on the oldest tree in the Darmoon Woods
  • Ratstail that you later find can only be procured by visiting the witch Ulizmila.
  • Ironbloom Mushrooms (x12) that can only be found in areas that have iron ore running through the land like mines. You find later that there is an old dwarven monastery that had mines that would be a perfect spot to find the mushrooms.
    In town you also learn that there are also bounties to work on.
  • 1. There is a bounty on a Hobgoblin for 50Gp
  • 2. There is a missing person bounty for a minor nobleman named * Joybottom for Potions of CLW CL1 (x4)
    You guys, after trying to do a B&E (Not Bacon & Eggs but Breaking & Entering) that failed. Yo head toward one of the logging camps because you were told a woodsman there would know where the reagents are in the Darkmoon Woods. After getting a cold reception with everyone at the camp. You finally find someone to help you locate the woodsman. You told him of the cure you are trying to create & since he lost family to the disease we was more than willing to help. He leads you to Delvar Ironfist a dwarven ranger. He too has lost loved ones to the disease & he draws you a map to the areas that the reagents are going to be at. You head from the lumber camp to your destiny.
The Adventure Begins
Our heroes begin as bodyguards to the daughters of the Essinel crime family in Isger. The Daughters are 21 year old Larssa Essinel & 14 Year old Bailey Essinel. They Have a brother named Badden age 28. The father & head on the family is Lothaire Essinel. His wife passed years earlier. Lothaire’s children are his most precious & prized things in his life. He is very protective of his daughters most of all. The start of the adventure begins in Isger. The town is a town that has no true name because it is split in 4 parts. Three owned by 3 separate crime families (Essinel, Strojlorka, & the Brizovo), & the 4th part being neutral territory that no one owns & is considered “Holy Ground” that everyone is safe from all crime. With anyone who breaks the “Holy” rule with be sent to the mines for the rest on their lives. This “Holy Ground” is lead by the church of the Great Host & it only encompasses the area of the Lucky Monkey inn & tavern.

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